There's no better feeling than having our youth stand up for what they believe in and create monumental change together. We have been influencing the youth to have pride in their community. As a result of this we have affected social change within our society. We inspire local action with everyone having a voice in how we can make our community better. We organize local campaigns to address the specific issues facing the youth in our community. By involving the youth to help lead and influence others we give them the tools to create lasting change at a grassroots level. Connecting our young people to their communities is one of the most important things we can do. Our Youth Campaigns are a great way to connect our youth and give them the tools to battle the social problems in their areas. We have developed a curriculum to help our Youth Leaders understand the issues that face their communities, learn skills needed to spread awareness, and rally their peers together to make a difference.

Our programs emphasize the importance of community pride, civic responsibility and leadership development. This will be accomplished under the guidelines of uniting our youth and neighborhood businesses and community leaders for positive change. Our organization will strive to develop a single voice for urban children in order to make a difference in their lives and provide opportunities that are not available otherwise.